House warming

Inkblots on tissues
Of stories we’d create
Of toxicities and fate
Intolerance and shifting reason
Collapses and lapses

Dots connected and counted
Back and forth
As they eclipsed to side stepping
Our greatest victory, 
the entwined catastrophy

Rolling and hazed
Inept of trying 
Getting back on my feet

Caressing crinkled receipts 
Of spirited visits
To halls that served the
Impeccable and careless
Wise and young
Succcessful and passionate 
Kind and rash
Loyal and inane
Lovers and lovers

On shards we crawl


Serendipity sounds clichéd


Draping the drizzle
The guise in tatters
Hiding is a funny instinct
Opacity slipping astray

Meet at midnight
Meet in the day
Laughter and cigarettes stop to
Dread your riddles away

Dawn had broken once
Sitting side by side
Hymns break the silences
Quarrels and goodbyes